Foreigner health insurance

If you are a foreigner and live or are planning to live in one of the Member States of the European Union, you can purchase our foreigner health insurance policy to cover your medical expenses.

Insurance for necessary and urgent care

The insurance policy for necessary and urgent care covers health care for emergencies in the Czech Republic. For a surcharge, a broader geographical area may be included in the policy, and all the countries within the Schengen area will be covered.

Comprehensive foreigner health insurance

If you prefer to enjoy the scope of medical care received by Czech citizens and a broad range of contractual healthcare facilities which do not require direct payments our comprehensive insurance policy is a clear choice for you whether you are planning a short-term or long-term stay in the Czech Republic.

Need help selecting a suitable product and an insurance company?

  • We are offering products by PVZP, Maxima, and other insurance companies.
  • We can get the best terms and conditions for you.
  • We are available to you for any claims.

Working together with Maxima, we offer online insurance policies.